Duration: Day tour
Price from: 150€

“Land” on Cyclades islands and rediscover this feeling of “childhood” mixed with a new sense of liberty. Tzia (or Kea) island, just an hour away from Athens by ferry, is a paradise for hikers and Greek-summer lovers…

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The Greek diet encompasses more than just food.

Immerse yourself in its skills, knowledge, practices, traditions and, especially, in the consumption of food from the earth to the table.

Whether it is a visit to the USESCO community of the Mediterranean diet or a private meal in nature, our friends – local producers, dedicated artisans and top chefs –

…will literally travel you through taste.


In the past decades, the new generation of Greek winemakers have been gaining the spotlight in the international wine stage.

There is nothing like sitting under the cool shade of rustling trees,

surrounded by rows of perfectly aligned vineyards while sipping on unique, mouthwatering local varieties, which when paired with exceptional delicacies raise the experience to another level, leaving your taste buds yearning for more.

Family & Group adventures

Enjoy moments that fit every shade of your imagination.

We take care of all the details – A river treasure hunt for your little ones? A memorable experience with your colleagues? A birthday celebration with your best friends? Romantic scenery en route?

Brief us and we’ll take your personal and group expectations to the next level.

Heritage interpretation &
archaeological landmarks

Interact physically and mentally with each site,

and make natural and cultural heritage more meaningful to you. Whether it is Ancient Olympia, a handmade-pie feast or a river trek, we design and implement each route with a single criterion:

“To get the true sense of it”.

Aegean cruising or just
relaxing by the beach

Experience “Sea & sun” like Greeks do.

Enjoy sunset cruising into the Aegean Sea, refuel with sumptuous picnics on remote islands, experience the luxurious side of the Cyclades or discover the well-hidden beaches of Attica counting the 50 shades of blue.

The pace is yours. The expertise to implement it belongs to us.

Active experiences
in the nature

Our journeys tell a story.

We hike unrivalled routes in the mountain, by the river or the sea, on islands and traditional hamlets to revive Greek myths, traditions and legendary heroes.

We dive to interact with starfish or explore ancient ruins, we go kayaking to experience the Navarino naval battle, we ride horses to set off for Alexander the Great’s passages, we climb to touch the birthplace of the Parthenon.

Our aim is keep moving.